Motivation for your miles.


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Completing a marathon takes away a whole host of excuses.

For example:  “I’m too tired.  That seems impossible.  I don’t know how to.  That’s too hard.  etc. etc. etc….”

Those excuses just don’t work anymore.



/ɪˈlɪməˌneɪt/ Show Spelled [ih-lim-uh-neyt] Show IPA

verb (used with object), e·lim·i·nat·ed, e·lim·i·nat·ing.
1.  to remove or get rid of, especially as being in some way undesirable: to eliminate risks; to eliminate hunger. Synonyms: do away with, banish, abolish, eradicate, erase, exterminate, cut out, annihilate, weed out, stamp out, rub out. Antonyms: obtain, get, invite.
2.  to omit, especially as being unimportant or irrelevant; leave out: I have eliminated all statistical tables, which are of interest only to the specialist. Synonyms: throw out, exclude, drop, delete, except. Antonyms: include, accept, admit, incorporate.
3.  to remove from further consideration or competition, especially by defeating in a contest.
4.  to eradicate or kill: to eliminate the enemy.
5.  Physiology . to void or expel from an organism.
eliminate  (ɪˈlɪmɪˌneɪt) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
1. to remove or take out; get rid of
2. to reject as trivial or irrelevant; omit from consideration
3. to remove (a competitor, team, etc) from a contest, usually by defeat
4. slang  to murder in a cold-blooded manner
5. physiol  to expel (waste matter) from the body
6. maths  to remove (an unknown variable) from two or more simultaneous equations
[C16: from Latin ēlīmināre  to turn out of the house, from e-  out + līmen  threshold]
usage Eliminate  is sometimes wrongly used to talk about avoiding the repetition of something undesirable: we must prevent  (not eliminate ) further mistakes of this kind

Author: Julia

Running inspires me to live. It helped me remember what winning felt like during a season of loss. The Lord speaks to me most during the miles....because there I'm giving Him the time to do so. These are the things that motivate me to run. I hope they inspire you to live God's best for your life as well. Happy Running!

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