Motivation for your miles.

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No matter what language we speak, where we were born or where we live now…I’ve observed all over the world, the one thing we share in common is “emotion”.

Last week was a very emotional week for me.  My little girl, transformed into a beautiful young lady as she went to her first prom, the Boston Marathon bombing & West , TX explosion occurred, then there was the passing of a friend of 17 years on Friday…I haven’t done much writing.  Or should I say…I have done some writing, but very little sharing.  It was a week that proved…running doesn’t fix everything…only Jesus can do that.

So today, I decided to share these few thoughts from last week:

What do you believe in enough to stand up for in the face of adversity. 

Those are the things that you love.

I love the Lord.  I love His healing power. 

I love the United States of America.  I love freedom.

I love friendships and the celebration of life.

I love that what the devil intends for evil, when we follow the Lords leading, He turns it into good.


I love it when “sad” is turned into “resolve”


and eventually,

it’s own form of  


Different…but good.

 Today I choose joy…it is a choice you know.

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“That is so incredibly sad.”

Those were my thoughts most of the afternoon and into the evening last night.  I have many more thoughts, but none I would like to share at the moment. 

I did go for a run last night. 

When I felt like my calves were on fire, I couldn’t stop running.  It just didn’t seem right.

So…we will all continue running…and it seems there is another common feeling amongst runners.  Maybe…just maybe…we will have to try harder to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year.

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My Facebook status today:
I know that I talk a lot about running here on FB.  Just want to make it clear…nothing in this world can take the place of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ…and His Word.  I believe that Jesus is the only source of life…not running.   For me, running is just what the Lord led ME to do.  It is similar to when He instructed the man to dip in the water 7 times, told Abraham to step out into a new land, told His mother to have them fill the containers with water, etc, etc, etc.  Sometimes the Lord will have you DO something, to bring breakthrough in your life.
I started my blog because I enjoy jibber jabbing about running, and it’s nice to be in a community with people who enjoy the same passion.  I enjoy encouraging others, so it’s nice to do so with people who share a common interest.  If I can make a difference in the life of even one, then that brings me joy.
Running is something I do for fun, but it is only a very small portion of who I am.  My goal is that in EVERY area of my life, I am pointing people to my Lord.  THE eternal life giver.  He is my Lord.  He is my life.  But at the same time…I am thankful that He has given me a hobby that has changed who I am and how I look at things.


chickens + running = “therapy”

(I am adding a note here for all of you that have found my blog via Pinterest.  This is a blog about RUNNING :)…if you would like to know more about my sister’s creative and fancy chicken coop, just click on the link below the picture.  They are creating a whole series of chicken coops in the old western town theme….which I think is pretty awesome!)  ~Thanks for stopping by my running blog!  ~Julia

I find it funny that while my sister has a blog about chickens, and I have a board on Pinterest about running, they both share a common link….therapy.

Fancy chicken coop! Check out my sister’s dorkings at

At the bottom of her blog you will find the following words:

“Chickens are the best stress therapy.  And, unlike alcohol, there is no hangover and no regrets the next morning.”

My Pinterest board is titled:

“Running = free therapy”

In fact, I often find myself telling my friends, “You just need to go for a run!”

You had a rough day?  “You just need to go for a run!”  They said WHAT about you!?!  “You just need to go for a run!”  You’re mind is all jumbled up?  “You just need to go for a run!”

Truth be told….running isn’t for every one…

… God made chickens…..

Isn’t it great that He always knows just what we need!

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Love is greater than Success

“No matter who you are or what you’ve done, there is a greater hope.

There is a greater reward than proving yourself to others.

It’s in a smile, it’s in a hug. It’s in a kind genuine word. Love.

Love is greater than any success.”

I love this! I didn’t want to forget it…so I am reblogging it! My FIRST reblog ever 🙂 Thanks endurancegal!

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” ~John Wooden


Race Day…living the dream

I love race days.  Running gives me the opportunity to “live” in my dream world.

If only for an hour or so I get to live in a place where everyone is focused on the same thing…the finish line.  We all get along, are excited about life & enjoy each other’s individuality….(although it is often quirky & at times questionable.)  As illustrated in the following photo:

We are busy focusing on our own personal goals leaving no time(or breath for that matter) to judge or criticize each other.  Much excitement & motivation comes from encouraging our fellow racers.  It is a place where true success has little to do with who crosses the finish line first.  It is instead defined by the personal goals set by each runner, and the individual effort they put into reaching them.

In my dream world…everybody loves, everybody learns…everybody wins.

I really like it there…