Motivation for your miles.

1 reason to love it…


My own sign, made by my girls ❤

I’ve decided to list the reasons why I love running!

…this will  give me good things to think about on the days that I don’t love it…


Now I finally have my own fancy sign ❤

…and I love that my children know from my example that they can do hard things…

Whatsoever things are true,
Whatsoever things are honorable,
Whatsoever things are just,
Whatsoever things are pure,
Whatsoever things are lovely,
Whatsoever things are of good report;
If there be any virtue,
And if there be any praise,
Think on these things

~Phillipians 4:8

*Look for reason 2 next week*….

Why do you love to run?

Author: Julia

Running inspires me to live. It helped me remember what winning felt like during a season of loss. The Lord speaks to me most during the miles....because there I'm giving Him the time to do so. These are the things that motivate me to run. I hope they inspire you to live God's best for your life as well. Happy Running!

8 thoughts on “1 reason to love it…

  1. Nice blog-site, Julia!!

  2. Thanks for being that example. You are awesome! I love you!

  3. What a great idea to list the reasons you love something. I love running because… well, because I never really thought I could be a runner but it turns out I can! It’s about proving something to myself 🙂

    FYI, I’ve nominated you for the Bouquet of Three Award:

    Take care!

    • That’s a great reason! It’s so true…makes you feel like the winner that you are! So happy for you!

      Thank you for the award! That’s such a nice surprise!!!

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