Motivation for your miles.

I am the injury.


Healthy living is a collection of winning moments.  Daily decisions that result in ultimate victories.  Victory over self,  doubts, hurts, obstacles….

I REALLY ENJOY talking about those WINS!

Unfortunately…it also has moments of defeat.  Sometimes you have an injury that forces your goals to head in a different direction.  Sometimes YOU are the injury.  Your own poor choices.

That’s me right now.  In an attempt to be “real” with hopes that it will help someone feel “normal”…I will share this temporary defeat.

I feel sad.

I am disappointed in myself.

I have been eating A LOT…I believe it’s because I have used food as a friend for a long time….

I have gained over half of my weight back, I look at pictures from just November…and get aggravated at myself.  I was almost there!  Almost at the weight I wanted to be at.  Now, when I see a picture of myself I’m back to thinking again, “Oh…that’s a bad picture of me.”  When in reality…it IS me. 

My clothes don’t fit right…again.

I’m a little embarrassed to run…again.  I know that’s just in my head.  NOBODY notices OR cares what I look like, or if my stomach flab(that was almost gone) jiggles when I run.

It’s not just about weight…it’s about being complete/whole. Nothing missing, nothing broken.  Looking to no other source, but Jesus to “complete” me.

I also hear this in my head, “You ran a marathon, and you can’t control what you put in your mouth?  What’s wrong with you?”

So, why come so close and then sabotage all my hard work?

I don’t know.

What I do know:

I am loved no matter what I look like, or how I have disappointed myself.

I can start again.

I like the feeling of winning, better than losing.  But…part of me doesn’t want to.

Then again…part of me doesn’t want to run…but I do it anyway.

I ran a marathon!

I CAN beat this too 🙂


~Complete in Christ alone~ ❤

Author: Julia

Running inspires me to live. It helped me remember what winning felt like during a season of loss. The Lord speaks to me most during the miles....because there I'm giving Him the time to do so. These are the things that motivate me to run. I hope they inspire you to live God's best for your life as well. Happy Running!

2 thoughts on “I am the injury.

  1. You are right. You are complete in Him. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world or the obstacle that faces you. If something is important to you, it is important to Him. And yes, His Grace is sufficient but not to endure but to rely on His ability to overcome. I have gained and lost 50 to 60lbs at least three times. I know what it feels like to feel hopeless. To feel like i just cant get enough to eat or just have to have some more. How would I ever lose weight again? Food was my outlet. My temporary energy, peace, fun, recreation, etc. When I stopped trying in my ability and let His ability take over, day by day it got easier. When I failed, I started back over the next morning not the next week. After 15 months, I’ve lost 82lbs. I give God the glory and praise. Food no longer holds me captive. I also want to thank my wife who has always loved me fat and fluffy or mean and lean! Her encouragement for me to run was a key element in my continued success. I love you baby! You are the greatest!

  2. You guys are both great! You two really inspire all the people you come in contact with. So proud to call you my parents 🙂

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