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Bouquet of Three Award


A few weeks ago “The Wannabe happy camper” from On the Road to Being Happy nominated me for the Bouquet of Three Award.  I enjoy reading her “journey to happy” because I relate to her story.  I remember having some of her exact feelings, I feel that we all inspire each other along the way, and I have gleaned some good tips from her blog as well!  Thank you for your blog, and the award(s)!  It was such a nice surprise!

QuantcastBest Moment AwardThe Versatile Blogger awardSunshine Blog Award
~Here Are The Rules~1.  Display your award picture, on a blog post. 2.  Thank the person who nominated you, link them back in your post. 3.  Pass the nomination on to 15 Bloggers you have recently discovered.  4.  Contact the Bloggers, to tell them that you have nominated them.  5.  Finally share 7 things about yourself.

I have just recently started blogging, but here are some of my favorite running blogs so far.  I’m sure there are others that I will think of later!

In random order:

1.  Rather Be Runnin’

2.  Move Eat Create

3.  Run 5k a Day

4.  Lisa’s 40 Days

5. Any Excuse to Wear Trackpants

6.  Fit for a Year

Here are a few of my other favorite blogs.  They have nothing to do with running, but I like ’em!

7.  I’ve loved learning from this leader since high school…and that’s been quite a long time ago!  John Maxwell on Leadership

8.  My husband introduced me to this blog last year.  He thought I’d enjoy it…and I do!!!  Jon Acuff

9.  My so very talented cousin!  If you’re looking for graphic design/photography in Montgomery, AL or the surrounding areas…he’s the man to call.  I also get a lot of ideas of event’s happening in our area from his blog.  Carter Photography and Design

10-15.  AND…..last but not least…see, I gave her #’s 10-15!  My sister, and her cool old western town chickens!  Landstown Poultry

7 things about myself:

1.  I enjoy writing about running, just as much as I enjoy actually running.  I think they are both important for me to do.

2.  I stay up late working on “stuff”, just because I like to be alone.  BUT…if I sit still for more than 5 minutes…I’ll fall right to sleep.

3.  Buddy the Elf + Mr. Fred Rogers = me.  (My personality anyways.)  🙂

4.  Never met an ice cream that I didn’t like.

5.  I have 3 daughters that most people think are my sisters instead.

6.  I love photography, and plan on being an amazing “second shooter” one day.  We already own one business…I’m not interested in the business side so much…I just want to create.

7.  I was adopted when I was 3 days old.  At the request of a friend, I wrote about this on my old blog.  If you’d like, you can read about it here.

Thanks again Wanna be happy camper!  And, thank you all for reading and sharing your thoughts!


Author: Julia

Running inspires me to live. It helped me remember what winning felt like during a season of loss. The Lord speaks to me most during the miles....because there I'm giving Him the time to do so. These are the things that motivate me to run. I hope they inspire you to live God's best for your life as well. Happy Running!

4 thoughts on “Bouquet of Three Award

  1. “Never met an ice cream that I didn’t like” – ha! that sounds so familiar 😉

    Take care!

    • Thank YOU for the mention as well! It was pretty neat to see my blog’s name on your blog 🙂 I meant to comment…and I meant to let everyone know that I had nominated them for the award, but I haven’t done either yet! I have since been nominated for a Liebster award or two. I figured I would nominate the same people as the first time, and then make a group award notification. I do like reading the random facts, and seeing some new blogs that I wasn’t aware of. Yours is one of my favorites!

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