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“R” GOES PRO….an early morning blessing…

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This little boy made my day!

Early this morning, my daughter and I ran 3 miles together.

This little boy kept trying to race us.

When he couldn’t go any further, he would walk the opposite way around the track so he could meet up with us again.

He was quite persistent!  I’m sure he got a good nap in today.

We looked for him when our run was complete.  Exchanging high fives with him, we told him what a great job he had done.  I couldn’t understand him when he told us his name, but it started with an “R”.

When I asked him if he was going to be a runner when he grew up he answered, “No.  I want to be a baseball player, or a football player…or a basketball player.”  Assuming that he wanted to go Pro, my daughter asked him which team he was going to play for.  He said, ‘The Red team.”  🙂  I told him I’d be looking for him on TV, in response he gave me a big smile.

So, who knows?  Maybe in about 15 years, we’ll spot “R” on the red team going pro!  It could happen 🙂

Author: Julia

Running inspires me to live. It helped me remember what winning felt like during a season of loss. The Lord speaks to me most during the miles....because there I'm giving Him the time to do so. These are the things that motivate me to run. I hope they inspire you to live God's best for your life as well. Happy Running!

One thought on ““R” GOES PRO….an early morning blessing…

  1. While I still contend that if God had intended for Man to run . . . , I agree with you more fully than words can say.

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