Motivation for your miles.


You’re worth more than Gold! Believe it!

My children shared this song with me today, and I can’t wait to run to it!

I have been blessed to have people speak these words to me my ENTIRE LIFE!

Running helps me believe that they are true about ME, not just the rest of the world.

There’s a difference in “head knowledge” and a heart that believes.

You’re worth more than Gold!  Believe it!

happy running!

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For Mrs. Frye…


The last few weeks I have been running, but I haven’t been writing.  A friend of mine passed away from this temporary world, and is happily celebrating life in heaven today.  At times like these, the reality of others and what they are going through is so much greater than any trivial thought I may have about running.

Today as I ran, I considered my friend, Mrs. Frye.  She always showed an interest in my running, and anything else that my family was doing.  I could sense her disapproval at the thought of me not writing…so today is for her.  She is a beautiful, intelligent and loving soul, she’s just running in a different place for awhile.

I wonder if you sweat in Heaven?  I doubt it.  ❤