Motivation for your miles.


Mind Games

I found this written on my 8 year old daughters memory verse homework.  I thought it was funny, but so familiar to my running thoughts.  Running, like much of life, is very much a mind game.  I’ve heard it said that running is 80% mental & only 20% physical.


During the previous week, all of my short runs were completed with an average pace under 10:00 min/mi, which was a good time for me.  So here it was…long run day.  Like my daughter, I thought, “I can do this!! I can keep my pace under 10:00 min/mi even at a longer distance.”  

…and that’s when the “P.S. maybe not” began…

Here is a snippet of the conversation in my head as the run progressed:
 Me:  “I can do this!! I can keep my pace under 10:00 min/mi even at a longer distance.”  

Mind:  “No, you can’t keep up that pace more than 3 miles…what about those hills too?  You can’t do that.”
Me:  “Sure I can!”

Mind:  “Nope.  You’re not good enough.  Can’t.”
Me:  “You said that I couldn’t run 26.2 miles too.  But I did. Twice.”

Mind:  “Look, I told you so…during mile 4, your pace was 10:35 min/mi.  You can’t catch up now.”
Me:  “Sure I can.  I’ll show you.”

Somehow, during our argument…I got in the “zone”.  Notice, mile 5 was a NINE MINUTE pace!  When the little voice in my earbud told me that my pace was 9 minutes, I was so surprised that it knocked me out of the “zone”.  If you can tell me how to get back there, I’d appreciate it…I really enjoyed that!


So….brain…you lose.  I win again!
This is the picture that came to mind at the completion of this long run…


 So don’t listen to it…just because your mind says so, that doesn’t make it true.

P.S.S.- My girl got a 101/A+ on her memory verse.  She did it!


41 Rotations around the Sun…”Birthday Run”

(Or as my dad might say…41 rotations around the sun.)
I was greeted with smiles and cupcakes for a 5:15am run with my “Chilton Runners” friends.
(…and yes, I did count them…each delicious mini-cupcake contains 100 calories, which takes 1 mile or in my case 9:46 minutes to burn off…)

In keeping with our “Chilton Runners” tradition, I found a parking lot and created a big “41” with my GPS.

I kept a great pace(for me), and made sure to stop my GPS at 4.1 miles!

o top it off, my music for this run happened to disperse random cuts off of the “ROCKY” album…

“Rocky” music just makes me feel like a winner…how about you?

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Slimming down the Waffle House Fiesta Omelette

You can usually find lower calorie options on the menu of your favorite restaurant.

Here is one of our favorite low-calorie dishes to order at Waffle House.

Matt ordered the Fiesta Omelette made with egg whites instead of the whole egg.  You can also order your hashbrowns steamed, instead of fried.  That alone brings the calorie content down 100 calories.  He only ate one piece of wheat toast with no butter.  Total Calories = 432
On this particular day I only ate the omelette(without jalapenos) with 1/2 piece of plain wheat toast…omitting the hashbrowns.  No scattered, smothered, chunked, diced, capped for me today! Total Calories = 256


Here is the typical Fiesta Omelette meal:
Fiesta Omelette w/whole eggs(440 calories) + plain hash browns(205 calories) + 2 Pieces of White toast(130 calories) + 1 TBSP Butter(100 calories) = 875 Total Calories
That one meal would typically be 3/4 of my calorie intake for the day.  Not even including your drink calories(I drink water.)

No wonder people say they don’t eat much, but can’t seem to lose weight!

-Making wiser choices-