Motivation for your miles.

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That’s what I said to my brain today.

Really, that is exactly what happened.
I was a little mad that I had to run this morning, but I had a friend that was expecting me to be there.
Then that little nagging voice in my mind started saying, “You can’t do this.  You’re tired.  I can’t believe you think you’re going to run that marathon.  You should stop.”

So, I decided to prove it wrong (aka “watch me”).
I took the long route, didn’t walk at all & I ran with intention.
It wasn’t my usual, “That was fun!” -kind of run.
It was more of a “Take that!  You’re wrong again!” -kind of feel.

I’m still a little miffed with that ole’ brain.

Perhaps I should go for another run…


55 degrees…ahhh…

Today’s run was brought to you by the number “5”…as in 55 degrees!
Due to the cooler temperature, I was able to bring my pace back under 10 minutes avg.
My husband says it’s all in my head. Maybe so.

I was reminded of this pic I saved to share with you crazy people who enjoy running in the Summertime heat. 🙂

If you run for fun in the hot Sun, be prepared to be disappointed today!