Motivation for your miles.

Why We Run.



Everyone has a story to tell, don’t they?

I find that the reasons WHY people run are some of my greatest inspiration…& my greatest frustration as well.  🙂
I can’t seem to get that question out of my head. 

So I decided to make a collection of your “WHY’s” here, in this section of my blog.  

With each “Why” that is shared, my mind can rest a little more.

Thank you for reading, sharing your story & inspiring others!



Why do you run?

Click on the picture or name to read their story:

Julia Davis ~ “I run because I like who I am when I do.”  julia


2014 Critter Crawl_2Richard C. ~ “It’s not about me anymore…”


z186Sachea C.  ~  “I run for my Lexi Faye & Layla Mae.”

Why do you run? Why did you start? Why do you love it? 
 I would love to hear about you! If you would be willing to share your “WHY”, please send your submission, including at least your first name and last initial to . Be sure to attach a picture(more than one if you’d like)! Also, feel free to let me know about your blog and/or website if you’d like for me to include a link to it. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for inspiring! ~Julia

6 thoughts on “Why We Run.

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    • Thank you! I’m glad that you like it! I would love to share your “why” here!

      • I wanted to, but when I wrote that, I couldn’t run yet. I am JUST trying to get over plantar fasciitis that has plagued me since September. 😦
        So when I say I run because I can, I don’t mean to be flip. I haven’t been able to for months. And there are many people who will never be able to run. So to say I run because I can means more to me than some other self-serving reason like “I have to because you cannot do a triathlon without running” or “because I want to do a half marathon during my fiftieth year” (which is what I was training for when I got hurt).

        So when I say I run because I can, I mean it so very literally. It hurts still, but at least I know I am improving. I have a great Sports Doc ( and and ) and he believes I might even be able to do a half before I hit 51. December. Here’s hoping!

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