Motivation for your miles.

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Running friends are the best kind of friends….

This blog post is for my friend & fellow runner, Julia Cantley of Julia Cantley Photography.



“She keeps me going. We all need friends like that.” ❤

I just returned from a much needed run with her at her gym.
I almost didn’t go, because I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!  Then I thought, “If I don’t have 20-30 minutes to take time for myself then I’m just TOO BUSY!”

At the end of our run, she mentioned that I really needed to make a new blog entry.  I’m always surprised when she says that, but its nice that she notices.  🙂
Again, I said….“I have just been too busy.”

So, for Julia, I will share my thoughts from yesterday.  I typed it, but I just didn’t feel like sharing….I get that way sometimes.



“I LOVE the people that I get to run with, they’re right up there with my church family. I just really enjoy being in their presence.

Would I LOVE them as much if we spent more than an hour or two at a time together? I have no idea!

I’m guessing…probably not. 

So, for now, I’ll just enjoy the moment(s). Spending time with self motivated, supportive, happy, inspirational people is truly a blessing.

I’m very thankful!”


Chilton Runners ~ "Some of the best people I have the pleasure of knowing & running with."

Happy Chilton Runners @ 5:15am ~ “Some of the best people I have the pleasure of knowing & running with.”


I am reminded of a post that I wrote last year.

When I run, I get to live for a moment in my dream world.  It’s one of my favorite places to be.  

You can read about it here:

Happy Running Everyone!


For your listening pleasure:

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I have no VALID excuse…



“I have no excuse.”

This was my response concerning not showing up at our 5:15am group run today.

I typed it….but that’s not really what I wanted to say!

I wanted to type my long list of excuses.  There are some really good ones!  

Would you like to hear them?  


…I didn’t think so.

So possibly I typed the wrong statement today.

I should have typed, “I have a whole host of excuses, but none are valid enough to excuse my choice to stay in the bed this morning.”

Or simply:

“I have no VALID excuse.”

Sometimes that’s hard to admit.



Lessons in sidewalk chalk…

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Sometimes in life we need to have a reason to celebrate.
Go create your own finish lines.

There are some moments in life that you’ll have to create your own reason to celebrate.
Go make a new finish line.

Sometimes in life, you’ll just have to create your own finish line.
Go find a reason to celebrate.

Go find a reason to celebrate, even if you have to create the finish line yourself.

Running gives you a reason to celebrate, even if you create the finish line in your own imagination.

Running gives you reasons to celebrate, even when setting the finish line yourself.

Running gives you reasons to celebrate, even if you’re the one who set the finish line.

Give yourself a reason to celebrate.    GO FOR A RUN!


Because sometimes you have to create your own reasons worth celebrating.

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SO, enough about me…What’s YOUR “WHY”?


 I’d love to share your running story on my blog.  What’s your “WHY?”


The thought that is foremost on my mind when I run is, “WHY?”

Why do I run…why do you run?

If I were to have an obsession about running…the “WHY’s” have it!

I mean, there are thousands and thousands of people doing this same thing every day…why would they do that?  What moves you?  Just what IS a big enough reason to keep you going through the cold, rain, hills, heat, miles, dark, sun, pain?  Why?  Why?  WHY?  🙂

Your “why’s” inspire me & I know I’m not the only one that feels this way!

Since I can’t seem to get away from this thought…I’ve decided to just “go with it”. 

I’m devoting a portion of my blog to inspiring each other through sharing our stories.

Why do you run?  Why did you start?  Why do you love it?  What’s on your heart to share…I want to know!

If you’d like to help rest my mind(please, please, please 🙂 ), submit your story along with at least your first name and last initial to be sure to include a picture(more than one if you’d like)! Also, feel free to let me know about your blog and/or website if you’d like for me to include a link to it.

Thank you for sharing!  Thank you for inspiring!




These signs are posted along one of our routes, and yes, that is my beautiful girl in these pictures ❤ :


Sometimes I look at the signs and think how nice it was that someone put them there.

Such motivation!

Other times as I’m running towards them, the only thought that comes to mind is,

“Oh shut up.”

You can relate, can’t you?





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One of my favorite things about running is seeing “progress“.
In 2010, on this weekend, I ran my first 10k.  That afternoon I had to take a nap and ibuprofen. Plus I was sore for days afterward.
This morning I woke up, happy that my plan ONLY called for 6 miles.
I enjoyed the run & then went on about the day like it was no big deal.
Not sore.
Not tired.
Progress feels pretty good.
Happy Running!  Enjoy your long run on this lovely fall weekend!


This blog is for the birds!

You know you’re a runner when….

Despite their best efforts, your friends eyes glaze over when you start talking about running…again….

They try to be interested....really, they do...

They try to be interested….really, they do…

So you join interactive running websites and “like” FB pages where you can jibber jabber about running as much as you’d like.

You even write an entertaining RUNNING blog to organize all your thoughts, while hopefully inspiring others along the way!

…only to find that the most viewed,  MOST PINNED blog entry is quickly becoming the one you wrote about….

your sister’s CHICKENS!!!

(true story)