Motivation for your miles.

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Blog Birthday

One year ago today my blog was born!

z232It was named “Mile 23”, because that was my favorite mile of the marathon that I had just ran.
If I had started my blog today….a year and another marathon later…I would have named it “Mile 22”.

During this year’s marathon, mile 22 was THE BEST!

I’m running around here like a chicken with it’s head cut off(to quote my mother)….so I don’t have time to write about it today….but I WILL!

~Happy Birthday Mile 23~

It’s been a fun year!  Thanks for reading everybody!

Happy Running!


This blog is for the birds!

You know you’re a runner when….

Despite their best efforts, your friends eyes glaze over when you start talking about running…again….

They try to be interested....really, they do...

They try to be interested….really, they do…

So you join interactive running websites and “like” FB pages where you can jibber jabber about running as much as you’d like.

You even write an entertaining RUNNING blog to organize all your thoughts, while hopefully inspiring others along the way!

…only to find that the most viewed,  MOST PINNED blog entry is quickly becoming the one you wrote about….

your sister’s CHICKENS!!!

(true story)


chickens + running = “therapy”

(I am adding a note here for all of you that have found my blog via Pinterest.  This is a blog about RUNNING :)…if you would like to know more about my sister’s creative and fancy chicken coop, just click on the link below the picture.  They are creating a whole series of chicken coops in the old western town theme….which I think is pretty awesome!)  ~Thanks for stopping by my running blog!  ~Julia

I find it funny that while my sister has a blog about chickens, and I have a board on Pinterest about running, they both share a common link….therapy.

Fancy chicken coop! Check out my sister’s dorkings at

At the bottom of her blog you will find the following words:

“Chickens are the best stress therapy.  And, unlike alcohol, there is no hangover and no regrets the next morning.”

My Pinterest board is titled:

“Running = free therapy”

In fact, I often find myself telling my friends, “You just need to go for a run!”

You had a rough day?  “You just need to go for a run!”  They said WHAT about you!?!  “You just need to go for a run!”  You’re mind is all jumbled up?  “You just need to go for a run!”

Truth be told….running isn’t for every one…

… God made chickens…..

Isn’t it great that He always knows just what we need!