Motivation for your miles.


Since I’m not allowed to talk about this on Facebook….

If you’re a mom, and you have a teenager, you already understand this. 

There is a whole unwritten FB manual on this topic, a secret code that can only be unscrambled in the teenage mind. 

Evidently I inadvertently break the “rules” often.

So…since publicly praising a young person on facebook is “embarrassing”, I will privately discuss them here on my public blog.  Somehow that makes it acceptable.


In our community, a running group has recently formed.  We run 3 miles, 3 times a week at 5:15am.  I have been so impressed by the teenagers that run with us.  I mean really…how many young people do you know with that kind of motivation & dedication to their health?  Well…I know at least 5!  No one is MAKING them come, they set their own alarm clocks and somehow show up by 5:15am even with smiles on their faces!  I am very impressed with them!  I think that says a lot about who they are & where they are headed in life.

z70There is one young man that hasn’t missed a single run the whole 3 weeks since we began.  I just have to brag on him a little more.  My husband, Matt, had to work out of town yesterday, but on a typical morning run, Matt will run back and forth to check on all of us.  Particularly in the areas with little light.

For some reason yesterday was tougher for a few of us.  I had broken off from the group with a runner that wasn’t feeling well and headed back to our start/end place.  By the time we got back she was feeling better so we decided to go ahead a finish up our last mile.  When we arrived back about 6 minutes AFTER everyone else was finished & gone…he had waited on us to make sure we were OK.  He had ALSO already ran back to check on another person in the group that had a tough run.

He probably doesn’t even realize what that meant to me, but it’s not every day that you get to see such a thoughtful gesture by a young person.  So today I will restore hope in the hearts of moms everywhere.  Proof that the thoughtful, focused, teenage male does exist.  I just want to say how impressed I am by this young man….

….that I’m not allowed to show you his picture

…or say his name. 


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Like me! Like me!….please :)

Where the fun's at ;)

Where the fun’s at 😉

I have started a new Facebook community that will compliment my blog.

It will be a place to share, connect and motivate each other in the running community! I’m looking forward to some great conversations about running, what inspires you and nutrition!
I’m hoping it will be a blend of people who are just thinking about running, all the way to the experienced runner.
I would love for you to join in the fun!

Just click on this link and “like” the page.

Then share, and comment to your hearts content!

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Does running make you nice?

This reminds me of my blog entry  “Race day…living the dream”

So again…I’m not the only one who feels this way. I really like this running world!

So my answer to his question, “Does running make you nice?” I would say yes…at least that’s what my kids tell me!

They always encourage me to run…they say I’m nicer this way….

Views from the Third Wave

As I was sitting on the train at London Waterloo this week waiting for it to leave, a man got on and asked if he could have the seat next to me. He didn’t ask with a “Please may I……”, he simply threw his newspaper across me and waited for me to get up and let him in.

It was bad mannered and irritating but I thought no more of it. But then he sat down and spread himself across his seat and into half of mine! I moved slightly so that we weren’t pushing each other, whereupon he spread himself further into my seat. It was almost as if he wanted a confrontation. When it became intolerable I asked him politely if he would mind letting me have some room. His reaction was extraordinary.

He looked at me, his faced screwed up with aggression and said: “Do me a favour mate. Sod off!”


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