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Slimming down the Waffle House Fiesta Omelette

You can usually find lower calorie options on the menu of your favorite restaurant.

Here is one of our favorite low-calorie dishes to order at Waffle House.

Matt ordered the Fiesta Omelette made with egg whites instead of the whole egg.  You can also order your hashbrowns steamed, instead of fried.  That alone brings the calorie content down 100 calories.  He only ate one piece of wheat toast with no butter.  Total Calories = 432
On this particular day I only ate the omelette(without jalapenos) with 1/2 piece of plain wheat toast…omitting the hashbrowns.  No scattered, smothered, chunked, diced, capped for me today! Total Calories = 256


Here is the typical Fiesta Omelette meal:
Fiesta Omelette w/whole eggs(440 calories) + plain hash browns(205 calories) + 2 Pieces of White toast(130 calories) + 1 TBSP Butter(100 calories) = 875 Total Calories
That one meal would typically be 3/4 of my calorie intake for the day.  Not even including your drink calories(I drink water.)

No wonder people say they don’t eat much, but can’t seem to lose weight!

-Making wiser choices-



Can you lose weight if you run? YES!

My dad and I had many conversations similar to this when I was a kid:

ME:  “Daddy, can I go to the park?”

DAD:  “You CAN…but MAY you?”

See, there’s a difference!  I had the ability, but not necessarily the permission.


Can you lose weight if you run?  YES!


WILL you lose weight if you run?  That is totally up to YOU!

before after

It’s simple math.

Are you eating more calories than you are burning?

Let’s say that you run/walk 2 miles…then you have burned approximately 200 calories.  Then you go to Subway and eat 2 oatmeal cookies (You’ve got oatmeal…you’ve got raisins…healthy right?  😉 )  Each cookie = 200 calories.  So you have just eaten 200 MORE calories than all your hard work running had burned.

Like anything in life….the plan works if you work the plan.

AND TRUST ME!  We have tried most all of the diet plans out there!

MyFitnessPal has been invaluable to us!  It’s a free app for your phone that helps you keep track of your daily caloric intake.  When you start counting calories, you will be shocked at how many calories you consume each day!

To me, it’s not about clothes size…it’s about being healthy.

You CAN!…but WILL you?

What’s your plan?  What’s working for you?