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Old New Shoes…When is it time for new running shoes?

One of the perks of small town living…

When it’s time to buy a new pair of running shoes, there are very few options of stores to pick from.  So you get to buy exactly the same pair that you had before!  :0

To be fair, the store DID offer tennis shoes with the latest designs & colors…but none that offer enough support for my foot.  I wouldn’t consider them “running” shoes.

The people that know me can testify that it pains me to buy things for myself, so it would have been  helpful to at least feel like I was getting new shoes for the money I spent. 😀

…but that doesn’t really matter…


Old shoes on the left. New shoes on the right.

 Now, to the question at hand.

How do you know when it’s time for new running shoes? 

It has little to do with the amount of tread or wear on the outside of the shoe, but it has everything to do with the inside.

My ineffective and potentially harmful method of the past (for the last 3 years): 

Buy new shoes when you start getting blisters on your feet, pain in the arch of your foot, and/or aching in your knees after running.

In my best Dr. Phil voice, “So, how’s that working for ya’?”  NOT VERY WELL AT ALL.

My recommendation & new plan for myself:

You should buy new shoes every 350-550 miles.

Keep a running journal/spreadsheet to log your miles.


Write the approximate date that you will need to change them on the inside of the tongue of your shoes.

It is also recommended that you have more than one pair of shoes that you alternate.

For more detailed information on this subject you can click here:

I have enjoyed my asics gel nimbus 14 for their support and comfort, but I don’t really like the way they look. 

What’s your favorite running shoe?  What do you recommend?