Motivation for your miles.


No Regrets.

I haven’t ran since Thursday.

We were on vacation & I slept in each day.

Trading in my usual alarm clock(s) & starlit skies, I instead welcomed the morning sunshine streaming through my wall of sliding glass doors.

As I looked out the window at this beautiful bay view…I never once wished that I was out there running.


“Sunrise at St. George Island” by

I don’t regret one minute of my 5 day running vacation.

A refreshing break was just what I needed.

Tomorrow’s a new day….
Time to finish our last full week of half marathon training!

~just me…my friends…and our flashlights~ ❤


Why I Run… Julia Davis(mile 23 blogger)

WHY do I run?julia

To find more inspiring reasons “WHY I RUN”, like Julia’s, click here.


Why do you run? Why did you start? Why do you love it? I find the greatest inspiration in the stories of other runners, don’t you? I would love to hear about you! If you would be willing to share your “WHY”, please send your submission, including at least your first name and last initial to . Be sure to attach a picture(more than one if you’d like)! Also, feel free to let me know about your blog and/or website if you’d like for me to include a link to it. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for inspiring! ~Julia

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Why I Run… Richard C. “It’s not about me anymore…”

Richard C.

Richard C. founder of the Prattville Running Club.

WHY do I run?

What a great question! When my friend Julia asked me if I was interested in writing something for her blog, I said sure, this is an easy answer! 3 days later I’m still thinking about this. Haha! It’s not an “easy” answer, but one that has evolved over time.

3 years and 65 lbs ago, I found myself in a gym with a good friend of mine who was trying to get back in shape. He had hired a trainer and was looking for someone to work out with him. I had been inactive for a very LONG time so I said what the heck. The trainer we had soon became a good friend and was responsible for kick starting the complete turnaround in my life over the last 3 years. So I had worked out with her and my friend for about 3-4 months when she challenged me to run a 5K. She was an avid runner who was constantly pushing and encouraging me to try new things. This is where I learned about “getting outside your comfort zone”.  I followed an 8 week plan, ran by myself, and entered my first 5k race in September of that year. Although it was a really good experience, I wasn’t so sure I was into this “running thing”. Lol! Anyhow, I entered several more 5Ks over the next few months, swearing to myself I would NEVER run a 10K, much less a Half Marathon, and God forbid a Full Marathon. Those folks were crazy! Well, I did finally run that first 10K 8 months after my first 5K. Something started to change in me. Was I starting to actually enjoy running? Nah. Couldn’t be. Ha! Little did I know.  Soon I met my first “running group”, just a few people that enjoyed running in the mornings. One lady had actually run a Half Marathon and I soon had my first running partner. And sure enough, soon after we met, I had signed up for my first Half Marathon, the 2012 Montgomery Half. We weren’t even half way through our training plan when the idea was being thrown around to run a full marathon the following spring. I signed up for the 2013 New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon before I had even run my first Half! It was official: I had lost my mind! Lol! No, I had become a runner.

Since that time 3 years ago, I have run many Half Marathons and 2 Full Marathons. I am now entering the world of triathlon and have several races lined up this year. I will also run at least 2 Halfs and then the Rocket City Marathon in December. But I think the single most thing I am proud of was starting Prattville Running Club last year. It is only a Facebook page right now, but it was a way of getting local runners together, meeting new people, and connecting runners who might be looking for a group or a running partner. With the Running Club, I have also held 3 C25K programs in the past 9 months and I have seen so many of them catch the “running bug”. I even had the pleasure of running a 5K with both my daughters last year who participated in my first C25K program. Now THAT was something special!

Richard C

So, WHY do I run?

I run for my health. I run because I enjoy it. I run for goals and challenges I set for myself.

But the single most important reason I run today is for the fellowship.

I enjoy bringing new people into our group, especially the “newbies”. I want them to feel and understand what I felt when I ran my first 5k. What I felt when I set a goal, trained, and ran my first Half Marathon.  What I feel today when I introduce someone to running. What it feels like to meet SO many new people, new friends, new “family”.

To share my experiences. To share my passion for running.

I get more enjoyment today watching and encouraging others to set and reach their own goals.

It’s not about me anymore. I have set and reached almost all my goals.

That’s WHY I run today.

To find more inspiring reasons “WHY I RUN”, like Richard’s, click here.


Why do you run? Why did you start? Why do you love it? I find the greatest inspiration in the stories of other runners, don’t you? I would love to hear about you! If you would be willing to share your “WHY”, please send your submission, including at least your first name and last initial to . Be sure to attach a picture(more than one if you’d like)! Also, feel free to let me know about your blog and/or website if you’d like for me to include a link to it. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for inspiring! ~Julia


Mercedes Marathon 2013

Mercedes Marathon 2013

Mercedes Marathon 2013

In my running group, Chilton Runners, there has been a lot of discussion about marathon training.  I realized that I have never written about the ONE marathon I’ve completed.  We ran the 2013 Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, AL in February, so any facts about it are coming to me randomly.  I’m just going to list what I remember now & then add more thoughts as they come to me later.

-It was FREEZING COLD!  The first picture(top left corner) is us just before the race started.  I remember being a little concerned about Matt.  Lesson #1 learned:  buy a cheap jacket at the thrift store that you can leave somewhere for a homeless person….or…I saw a lot of people wearing trash bags.  I assume this allows your body heat to warm you.  It was fun to see all the trash bags being thrown in the air as the race commenced.

-Lesson 2:  Don’t discard your gloves too early.  As the race progressed my body temperature rose.  Thinking that I didn’t need my gloves anymore, I threw them on the ground.  I was WRONG!  My hands froze.  The funny thing was….I just slipped my hands up into my jacket to keep them warm.  I could tell how surprised bystanders were to see this handless person running towards them.  They were amused(and I believe, slightly disappointed) when I would pop my hands out to relieve their concerns.

-…and #3:  That big bowl of gummy bears that they hold out for you may LOOK good, but could be hazardous to your health.  Just don’t breathe in deeply at the same time that you throw  one in your mouth.  It’s a choking hazard.  Trust me.

-This was by far the most exciting racing event I’ve been a part of.

-There was a sweet lady holding a sack of candy bars to give away during the race.  I didn’t realize what she had until I had already passed her.  Needless to say, I was very disappointed.  🙂

-The course loops around twice.  So I had a moment of glory…I had news crews in front of me & police escorts behind me….as the 1st place winner lapped me.  (BTW, he finished in 2:18:47)

-I felt humbled as I ran past the Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Hospital.  My race would only last a few hours, compared to their race of a lifetime.

-Most of the race, I ran behind a lady who’s shirt read:  “4 marathons, 4 months, 4 my 40th birthday”  I found her to be very inspirational along the way.  About an hour after the race, we stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home.  Guess who was there?  Yep!  It was her!  Pretty cool right?

-I loved the signs, music, news crews, & supporters that lined the course.  They were invaluable for the first half, they made it fun and the time passed quickly.  At the same time, they were sparse for the second half.  Just like real life, there are times when you could use encouragement the most, that you find the least support around you.  You can draw strength from within during your toughest moments.  Strength from the Life giver Himself, Jesus Christ.

-I couldn’t wait to get to the finish line where I knew my family would be.

-On a whim, I added this song to my playlist the night before the race(It makes me think of Matt):

It randomly played two times in a row just when I needed it….and I thought that was really neat… ❤

-“The Lord is my strength, He makes my feet like the feet of deer…”  I meditate on that scripture often when I am running.  During this race, I would picture Him literally being my legs, my arms, my body.  He is my source of strength…in Him I am complete.

-My parents came to this race.  It was so nice to share this first marathon with them.  I am disappointed to find that I forgot to take a picture with them.  I do have a picture of my dad’s hand holding a poster, and my mom’s gloved hand outstretched to me as I neared the finish line.  That too is a mirror to my life.  They have always been such a great support, mostly behind the scenes.  Never pushy, but still, always present.  I love them for that.

-I gave my family all “5’s” before crossing the finish line.  I obviously didn’t care what my finish time was…I was just thankful that I finished standing upright and before the balloon lady.  The announcer said that I was getting extra style points.

-My foot was hurt before race day.  In fact I wasn’t able to run at all the last 3 weeks before the Mercedes.  Even the Thursday night before the race weekend, I tried to wear high heels to a wedding and couldn’t do it.  I honestly felt in my heart that I was supposed to run this race, or at least try.  I don’t recommend doing that normally, but I’m glad I did…this time.

-I believe that you always need a “WHY”.  Why will you stay focused when you want to quit?  Last year’s WHY’s:  To earn a 26.2 car decal.  Because I don’t think Matt would have wanted to run it without me.  For my friends that needed to know that it’s possible.  It is possible to do those things that your mind and body says, “No way.  That’s a crazy idea.  Not possible.”  If the Lord says to, then…”Yes, you can.”

-One of my goals this coming year is to cross the finish line in time to get one of those free massages.  Last year, as I entered the building, they were walking out.

-Training for, and completing a Marathon with my husband is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my lifetime.

-and of course…from this marathon came the name of my blog:

Mile 23

My favorite mile. 23 behind. 3.2 ahead.

The cheering crowds are far behind and yet, just ahead… They are NOT in the NOW.

A transformation if you will. No longer only a belief that it’s possible.

But a knowing that it IS.

More than a dream… A reality.

My favorite mile was Mile 23.  That was the point where I realized that all I had believed and worked for was actually going to be accomplished.  It was no longer only a belief that I could and that the Lord was my strength…but it was the point that a “knowing” came into my life.  A peaceful assurance that the finish line was in my grasp and was surely just ahead. 

I have found that running imitates real life.  In this life, we have all been at mile TWENTY-TWO many times haven’t we?  I hope my blog inspires you to KEEP MOVING FORWARD through all your mile 22′s.  Mile 23 and YOUR finish lines are surely just ahead!

I’m sure that I will be adding to this in the future, there were so many things to take in. 

I had wished that my eyes were a camera.

Here are a few links that I found about the event if you are looking for more Mercedes Marathon info:

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Reasons I love to run, #4.


In the process of running…all the “junk” falls away.


It did for me.

I just kept running, and then one day I realized that…I was ok now.

Simple as that.

Almost 40 years of collected junk…gone.
Much like Forrest Gump.

I don’t really know how it works. 

What I DO know is that if the Lord is leading you to do something, then you should do it!

That’s where your miracle is.

~John 2:1-12

*Look for reason 5 next week*
Click here to see the rest of my list.
Why do you love to run? 

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Reasons I love to run, #3.


Armpits, toenails and good lookin’ legs….Little BIG reasons to celebrate….

It’s the little things that count, right?

They’re not really BIG deals, but all the new little discoveries add up…


Here are a few of our latest little surprises:

~With my husbands +80 lb weight loss, one day he discovered that instead of fat rolls, he had real armpits under there.  wohoo!

~He’s always claimed that he had bird legs…I had grown accustomed to my mother of 3, middle aged, “mom” legs.  We used to wear jeans most of the time in public, now shorts are just fine with us.  YAY US!


~Toenails?  Matt lost his first toenail.  Why is that a good thing!?!  That means he’s a “real” RUNNER!!!  Insert happy dance 🙂  (Don’t worry, it’s growing back)

I love running, because of all the little surprises worthy of celebrating…to us anyways 🙂

*Look for reason 4 next week*
Click here to see the rest of my list.
Why do you love to run? 

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Where the fun's at ;)

Where the fun’s at 😉

I have started a new Facebook community that will compliment my blog.

It will be a place to share, connect and motivate each other in the running community! I’m looking forward to some great conversations about running, what inspires you and nutrition!
I’m hoping it will be a blend of people who are just thinking about running, all the way to the experienced runner.
I would love for you to join in the fun!

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