Motivation for your miles.


Running Randomness

My thoughts from approx. 6:30-8:30 today ūüôā

  • Quit wasting time, and go run.¬† The sooner that you get out there, the faster you’ll be done.¬† You know you’re going to like it.
  • Why am I like that?¬† I’d enjoy being like fellow blogger,¬†Rather be runnin’!¬† But…that’s not me so far.¬† I run because I like who I am when I do…I don’t necessarily like the process of running.
  • Yay!¬† I beat the sun today!¬† No wilting for me.
  • Look at all of God’s creations running around the park today.¬† For years I never saw them, because I was at home, cooped up in my house.
  • Look at all these birds…I love watching the birds.¬† Hope they don’t poop on my head.
  • How is it that I can run 26.2 miles just a few months ago, and 3 miles is hard for me lately?¬† Is it possibly, the heat?¬† recovery?¬† that I’m not currently training for a race?
  • Yay!¬† I’m almost at 3 miles!¬† Almost done!¬†
  • I’m going to run 4…just to prove to my mind that it doesn’t get to win anymore.
  • 4…done!
  • If your little girl covers her nose and says “You smell horrible!”…then you know you had a good run!¬† ūüôā

Happy Running!

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Like me! Like me!….please :)

Where the fun's at ;)

Where the fun’s at ūüėČ

I have started a new Facebook community that will compliment my blog.

It will be a place to share, connect and motivate each other in the running community!¬†I’m looking forward to some great conversations about running, what inspires you and nutrition!
I’m hoping it will be a blend of people who are just thinking about running, all the way to the experienced runner.
I would love for you to join in the fun!

Just click on this link¬†and “like” the page.

Then share, and comment to your hearts content!


Let’s play a game….

I have a theory…won’t you help me test it?¬†

Let’s play a game.

My game might not be quite this much fun :)

My game might not be quite this much fun ūüôā

My theory is this, no matter what topic or item you give me…I can relate it in some way to running.

Is this a good thing?¬† I’m not sure.¬† ūüôā

For example, this is the one that started my train of thought.

“It can be difficult to find quality employees.”¬† If I were hiring someone and I saw that they were a runner, and had been for awhile….I would be more likely to hire them for the job.¬† They would have the qualities I was looking for such as…a hard worker, goal setter, able to overcome obstacles, self motivated, etc.

All last night and this morning I have been thinking of random objects and relating them to running :/

Washing  Machine:  You should wash your running clothes soon after running.  Do not use fabric softener on your dry fit items.  Air drying is best.

Iron:  One of my favorite things about running clothes is that you do not have to iron ANYTHING!

Banana:  A staple at the finish lines for most running events that I have been part of.

Couch:¬† OF COURSE…Couch to 5k!

Checkbook:¬† You might think that running is a cheap sport, but it CAN get costly.¬† Running shoes, entry fees, travel expenses, gadgets, and the list goes on.¬† I have written many checks during these last few years, but it was worth every penny.¬† Honestly…all you really NEED is a GOOD PAIR of shoes, and water.

Ceramic Tile:¬† I’ve been known to lay on the cold, ceramic tile in my air conditioned house, after running outside in the sweltering hot Alabama sun.

So won’t you join in my “FUN”?¬† Comment a topic or item and lets see if my theory¬†holds true!¬† I’m curious!


I am the injury.

Healthy living¬†is a collection of winning moments.¬† Daily decisions that result in ultimate victories.¬† Victory over self, ¬†doubts, hurts, obstacles….

I REALLY ENJOY talking about those WINS!

Unfortunately…it also has moments of defeat.¬† Sometimes¬†you have¬†an injury¬†that forces your goals to¬†head in a different direction.¬† Sometimes YOU are the injury.¬† Your own poor choices.

That’s me right now.¬† In an attempt to be “real” with hopes that it will help someone feel “normal”…I will¬†share this temporary defeat.

I feel sad.

I am disappointed in myself.

I have been eating A LOT…I believe it’s because I have used food as a friend for a long time….

I have gained over half of my weight back, I look at pictures from just November…and get aggravated at myself.¬† I was almost there!¬† Almost at the weight I wanted to be at.¬† Now, when I see a picture of myself I’m back to¬†thinking again, “Oh…that’s a bad picture of me.”¬† When in reality…it¬†IS me.¬†

My clothes don’t fit right…again.

I’m a little embarrassed to run…again.¬† I know that’s just in my head.¬† NOBODY notices OR cares what I look like, or if my stomach flab(that was almost gone) jiggles when I run.

It’s not just about weight…it’s about being complete/whole. Nothing missing, nothing broken.¬† Looking to no other source, but Jesus to “complete” me.

I also hear this in my head, “You ran a marathon, and you can’t control what you put in your mouth?¬† What’s wrong with you?”

So, why come so close and then sabotage all my hard work?

I don’t know.

What I do know:

I am loved no matter what I look like, or how I have disappointed myself.

I can start again.

I like¬†the feeling of winning, better¬†than losing. ¬†But…part of me doesn’t want to.

Then again…part of me doesn’t want to run…but I do it anyway.

I ran a marathon!

I CAN beat this too ūüôā


~Complete in Christ alone~ ‚̧


Nope…they are NOT runners…

“I ain’t never got¬†no pedicure before. I ain’t even got no toenails!”¬†¬†¬†That is the conversation my daughter and I overheard the other day while at the nail salon.¬† The¬†aging lady went on to say, “I just got dry, scaly, feet.”¬† ūüôā

While runners are known to lose a toenail or two…somehow I doubt that this lady was ever a runner.¬† No guarantees here…I just doubt it.

Yes…in case you didn’t know…we live in a small, rural town in Alabama.

I NEVER go to the nail salon.¬† It’s just not what I do.¬† Just give me the $$$ and I’ll paint ’em myself.¬† I went for the first time in 24 years at the request of my daughter.¬† She was getting ready for¬†prom & didn’t want to go alone.¬† Not only did I go…I let her talk me into getting BLUE nail polish!¬† That might seem normal to you…but in all my 39 years, I’m pretty sure only “red” or “French tip” has ever touched my nails.

"blue nails"

“blue nails”

I noticed how attractive and slender the manicurist was….she looked like a runner to me.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me:¬† “Do you run?¬† You look like a runner.”

Her:¬† “No!¬† I can’t run…I’m a smoker.”

Me:¬† “You could run instead.¬† You might live longer.”

Her:¬† “I can’t run, I work 4 days a week…10am – 7pm.”

I typically enjoy speaking one on one with women.¬† If the conversation lends itself to, I often wind up telling them, “You are just as important as your children.¬† You are just as important as everyone else that always needs you.¬† You should make time for yourself & do those things that are on your heart.”¬† Often, I will see a little tear form and a slight look of “Maybe she’s right.”

We continued to chit-chat a little more.¬† I learned that she was about to turn 18.¬† She doesn’t like living in our little town.¬† She has a boyfriend¬†that she¬†works¬†with on her days off.

Now, back to our conversation:

Me:¬†¬† “You know, you should always remember to do things for yourself too.”

Her:¬† “Oh…I DO!¬† EVERY week when I get paid, I go buy a new outfit.¬† I think about myself all the time!”

We¬†are obviously in two different worlds right now.¬† Me…mother of 3…housewife…nearing 40…runner.¬† She looked like a runner…but she was actually just a naturally beautiful, 18 year old, single young lady.¬† She has so much life ahead of her…so much potential…so many lessons to learn.¬† I wanted to tell her so much!¬† I wanted to keep going back to get my nails done, just so I could “mentor” her.

I would say:

“What are you thinking!?!¬† Don’t you know what smoking does to your lungs?¬† What about that beautiful, flawless skin you have right now!¬† Don’t you want to keep it as long as you can?¬† BUY A NEW DRESS EVERY WEEK?¬† on a NAIL SALON EMPLOYEES SALARY?¬† Quit that!¬† Save that money up!¬† You’re going to want a new house one day!¬† Have you heard of Dave Ramsey‘s Financial Peace University?¬† Let’s get you set up on a budget.¬† And that boyfriend….does he treat you like a princess?¬† Does he value you?¬† Is he taking good care of your heart?”

But I know…that would be a waste of my breath.¬† So, I kept my mouth shut.

When she’s ready, she’ll listen.

Maybe she’ll remember me…and then she’ll decide to go for that run…

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I’m not really a dead armadillo…I just look like one…

will. can. DID!

I wrote CAN on my hand to look at as inspiration during the marathon. Upon completion, it was a good feeling to mark that out and write “did.”


On Saturday’s (beautiful & PERFECT) spring¬†run, 7.5 miles,¬†I found myself thinking…”Yay!¬† I don’t have to run 20 miles today!”

This winter¬†during marathon training, when the¬†schedule called for a 17+ mile run…I always wished I had a sign hovering over my head.¬† It would read something like this…”She really can run faster than this!¬† She’s already ran 17 miles this morning!”¬† My daughters would come home from school the¬†following week and say, “My friends said they saw you running Saturday…they said you looked like you were in a lot of pain!”¬† It was slightly embarrassing…but in reality…nobody. really. cared. ūüôā

I also remember when I actually ran 20 miles.  The longest distance that our training plan called for!

That # really played with my mind!

20 miles! What an accomplishment!

TWENTY¬†MILES?!?¬† On race day, I will still have 6.2 MORE miles to run?¬† Is that even possible!?!¬† I barely even made it home without falling on the ground like a dead armadillo on the side of the road! (I was going to insert a picture right here…but they were all too morbid…you can just google them if you’d like ūüôā )

I’m here to say…YES!¬† It IS POSSIBLE!

“Your legs are not giving out.¬† Your head is giving up.¬† Keep going.”¬†

I just love that quote!

can(Again…running imitates real life doesn’t it…)


In the Beginning….my journey from Couch to 10k

In the beginning…

I didn’t even WANT to run a marathon.¬† I just wanted to run a 10k…finish what I started…DO what I said I was going to do.¬†


About to run my first 10k! Vulcan Run 2010

Running has changed my life…I like to call it “free therapy” ūüôā

I shared my “journey” from couch to 10k with my Facebook friends & I wanted to share it with you too!¬† They have been with me from the first grumpy step, all the way to the marathon¬†finish line.

If you are just getting started running, I believe that you will relate to my journey.

Here is a link to my FB journal: IN THE BEGINNING…my journey from couch to 10k

We all started somewhere!  You won the day you decided to try!

Don’t quit!¬† You’re worth it!


We Call Them Runners

We Call Them Runners

We Call Them Runners

They’ll passionately argue over a 10 second time clock discrepancy.

They find inspiration in a hand written t-shirt that says “4 marathons, 4 months, 4 my 40th birthday”

They shed clothing in public places.

They transform the thoughts of “you’re crazy!”, into the belief ~ “I CAN.”

They do it for themselves.

They do it for their friends.

We call them…runners.