Motivation for your miles.

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Should every person become a runner?

Should every person become a runner?

I hope not!

I have this strange little thing about me…if “EVERYONE’S DOING IT”….then I’m usually not that interested.

So, while I’ll encourage every person who has running on their heart to follow through….I don’t think it’s for EVERYONE!

There IS  a form of exercise for every person, find what you enjoy and do that.

Gardening, art, a pet, a motorcycle ride are just a few things that others have shared with me that gives them the same fulfillment I get from running.

I knew I wanted to run years ago.  As a child, the only sport I was good at was running. I had a short stint in college running for the company I worked for…and then there was the time I was at a business meeting in downtown Atlanta, GA.  Looking down from my hotel window I saw thousands of crazy people running in the freezing weather through the downtown streets. I remember thinking how interesting that looked and wished I was joining them.

So, if it’s on your heart….GO DO IT! Don’t give up! It will be so worth it!
But, if you can watch this…and you feel nothing.  nada.  zip.  Then maybe running’s not your thing…

By the way…this movie is showing in select theaters TONIGHT!  When it’s made available for purchase, this would also be the perfect gift for the favorite runner in your life…hint, hint.  😉