Motivation for your miles.


chickens + running = “therapy”

(I am adding a note here for all of you that have found my blog via Pinterest.  This is a blog about RUNNING :)…if you would like to know more about my sister’s creative and fancy chicken coop, just click on the link below the picture.  They are creating a whole series of chicken coops in the old western town theme….which I think is pretty awesome!)  ~Thanks for stopping by my running blog!  ~Julia

I find it funny that while my sister has a blog about chickens, and I have a board on Pinterest about running, they both share a common link….therapy.

Fancy chicken coop! Check out my sister’s dorkings at

At the bottom of her blog you will find the following words:

“Chickens are the best stress therapy.  And, unlike alcohol, there is no hangover and no regrets the next morning.”

My Pinterest board is titled:

“Running = free therapy”

In fact, I often find myself telling my friends, “You just need to go for a run!”

You had a rough day?  “You just need to go for a run!”  They said WHAT about you!?!  “You just need to go for a run!”  You’re mind is all jumbled up?  “You just need to go for a run!”

Truth be told….running isn’t for every one…

… God made chickens…..

Isn’t it great that He always knows just what we need!