Motivation for your miles.

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There’s nothing like it!


~That first step out the door, when you look up and drink in the thousands of stars that light up the pre-dawn sky…there’s nothing like it!


~ The freedom that you feel during a warm, rainy, summertime race shared with a few hundred fellow runners….there’s nothing like it!


~ Running through a random sprinkler, the¬†scent of a wild rosebush or maybe even a muscadine vine as you happen to pass by, having a (short) staring contest with a cow chewing it’s cud….there’s nothing like it!


~ The frost covered field that makes you cold just thinking about it, the burst of color as the trees turn to a bright gold, orange or red, the steady crunch of leaves under your new running shoes, the happy leaves that fall from the sky with each¬†gust of wind….

Running in the Fall….



The Fall Season’s not even completely over yet…

…but I already miss it.