Motivation for your miles.

Why Mile 23?


Mile 23

My favorite mile.
23 behind.
3.2 ahead.

The cheering crowds are far behind and yet, just ahead…
They are NOT in the NOW.

A transformation if you will.
No longer only a belief that it’s possible.

But a knowing that it IS.

More than a dream…
A reality.

Mile 23 is my blog, and it’s dedicated to YOU…it’s readers!  To date, I have only ran 1 marathon…but my favorite mile was Mile 23.  That was the point where I realized that all I had believed and worked for was actually going to be accomplished.  It was no longer only a belief that I could and that the Lord was my strength…but it was the point that a “knowing” came into my life.  A peaceful assurance that the finish line was in my grasp and was surely just ahead. 

I have found that running imitates real life.  In this life, we have all been at mile TWENTY-TWO many times haven’t we?  I hope my blog inspires you to KEEP MOVING FORWARD through all your mile 22’s.  Mile 23 and YOUR finish lines are surely just ahead!

Thank you for reading, subscribing, commenting & sharing!  I learn just as much from others as they do from me.


2 thoughts on “Why Mile 23?

  1. Love the rationale for your blog title. It was the question in my head, “What is so great about mile 23?” 🙂

  2. I hope all is going well for you! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award, should you choose to accept this award check out my post! and happy blogging!

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