Motivation for your miles.

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It’s an honor to know you sir…


I have a friend that is running The Boston Marathon tomorrow.

Many see him living his dream, but have no idea the road he has traveled to get there.

If you know a Boston Marathoner, you should consider it an honor to have met them.

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Mr. Cecil Pavey~ Boston Marathoner #22640




I’m in it for the Long Run, how about you?


…and concerning real life…

If you base your whole future solely on what you’ve experienced thus far

…you may quit too soon! 

You have many more rewarding miles to go!

Those first 2 or 3 miles are always the toughest for me.  During yesterday’s long run, I had considered quitting after the first 2 miles almost led me to tears.

I’m happy to say…another satisfying 8 miles are officially in the books!  Yay me!

So how was your long run this weekend?


Beginning again…again.


Yesterday was my first day keeping track of my calorie intake via myfitnesspal….again.

The plan always works if you work the plan!

And I’m already making better choices…see:

This was my snack of choice this morning!

deliciously light, creamy and filling!

deliciously light, creamy and filling!

The validity of it’s health benefits vary depending on who you ask.

I’ve been researching whole foods/clean eating…which can be a little overwhelming and discouraging.

But there’s no debating this…today’s snack choice was a much better alternative to my snack of the day yesterday!


(…and yes, I DID still come under my daily 1,200 calorie goal)

Do you really love cookies more than yourself?

Do you really love cookies more than yourself?

 80 calories vs 420 calories, good choice…yay me! 

What are some of your favorite healthy snack foods?


Brain Whoopin’

Tomorrow morning at 7am, I’m going to give my brain a whoopin’!  (aka~spanking/whipping)

My husband, daughter and myself will be running the annual Peavine Falls Run at Oak Mountain.  Yay US!


View from the top of the mountain!

Here is a Quote from Birmingham blogger  Yo Momma Runs about last year’s race:

Peavine Falls Run is 8.2 miles which include a straight uphill climb with, what
felt like, very few respites of flatness and then a slingshot at the top to blow
you right back down that hill you just conquered (that’s if you have a liberal
definition of that word). And just for funsies, they throw in a 1.2-mile patch
of trail at the end in case all the downhill didn’t make you wet your pants bad
enough already.

You should read the rest of her blog entry here!

So as I sit here right now this is what my brain is telling me:  “It’s going to rain.  You don’t like the rain or getting messy.  You were in better shape last year.  Bet that speed walker man is going to beat you again.  3.2 miles UP HILL?  ARE YOU CRAZY?  You’re just not good enough.”

As I type, we’ve got our bag packed and running clothes laid out…To my brain I just want to say:

Just wait ’til tomorrow morning, you’re gonna’ get a brain whoopin’

I win.  Goodnight.

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A Father’s Gift

A Father’s Day thought:

Making healthy choices is one of the greatest gifts that a father can give to his children.

A few of the benefits include….A healthy state of mind, opportunities to be more active together, longevity, and a greater quality of life.


Feb 2012/May 2013


July 2012/March 2013

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Like me! Like me!….please :)

Where the fun's at ;)

Where the fun’s at 😉

I have started a new Facebook community that will compliment my blog.

It will be a place to share, connect and motivate each other in the running community! I’m looking forward to some great conversations about running, what inspires you and nutrition!
I’m hoping it will be a blend of people who are just thinking about running, all the way to the experienced runner.
I would love for you to join in the fun!

Just click on this link and “like” the page.

Then share, and comment to your hearts content!


Let’s play a game….

I have a theory…won’t you help me test it? 

Let’s play a game.

My game might not be quite this much fun :)

My game might not be quite this much fun 🙂

My theory is this, no matter what topic or item you give me…I can relate it in some way to running.

Is this a good thing?  I’m not sure.  🙂

For example, this is the one that started my train of thought.

“It can be difficult to find quality employees.”  If I were hiring someone and I saw that they were a runner, and had been for awhile….I would be more likely to hire them for the job.  They would have the qualities I was looking for such as…a hard worker, goal setter, able to overcome obstacles, self motivated, etc.

All last night and this morning I have been thinking of random objects and relating them to running :/

Washing  Machine:  You should wash your running clothes soon after running.  Do not use fabric softener on your dry fit items.  Air drying is best.

Iron:  One of my favorite things about running clothes is that you do not have to iron ANYTHING!

Banana:  A staple at the finish lines for most running events that I have been part of.

Couch:  OF COURSE…Couch to 5k!

Checkbook:  You might think that running is a cheap sport, but it CAN get costly.  Running shoes, entry fees, travel expenses, gadgets, and the list goes on.  I have written many checks during these last few years, but it was worth every penny.  Honestly…all you really NEED is a GOOD PAIR of shoes, and water.

Ceramic Tile:  I’ve been known to lay on the cold, ceramic tile in my air conditioned house, after running outside in the sweltering hot Alabama sun.

So won’t you join in my “FUN”?  Comment a topic or item and lets see if my theory holds true!  I’m curious!


Can you lose weight if you run? YES!

My dad and I had many conversations similar to this when I was a kid:

ME:  “Daddy, can I go to the park?”

DAD:  “You CAN…but MAY you?”

See, there’s a difference!  I had the ability, but not necessarily the permission.


Can you lose weight if you run?  YES!


WILL you lose weight if you run?  That is totally up to YOU!

before after

It’s simple math.

Are you eating more calories than you are burning?

Let’s say that you run/walk 2 miles…then you have burned approximately 200 calories.  Then you go to Subway and eat 2 oatmeal cookies (You’ve got oatmeal…you’ve got raisins…healthy right?  😉 )  Each cookie = 200 calories.  So you have just eaten 200 MORE calories than all your hard work running had burned.

Like anything in life….the plan works if you work the plan.

AND TRUST ME!  We have tried most all of the diet plans out there!

MyFitnessPal has been invaluable to us!  It’s a free app for your phone that helps you keep track of your daily caloric intake.  When you start counting calories, you will be shocked at how many calories you consume each day!

To me, it’s not about clothes size…it’s about being healthy.

You CAN!…but WILL you?

What’s your plan?  What’s working for you?


I am the injury.

Healthy living is a collection of winning moments.  Daily decisions that result in ultimate victories.  Victory over self,  doubts, hurts, obstacles….

I REALLY ENJOY talking about those WINS!

Unfortunately…it also has moments of defeat.  Sometimes you have an injury that forces your goals to head in a different direction.  Sometimes YOU are the injury.  Your own poor choices.

That’s me right now.  In an attempt to be “real” with hopes that it will help someone feel “normal”…I will share this temporary defeat.

I feel sad.

I am disappointed in myself.

I have been eating A LOT…I believe it’s because I have used food as a friend for a long time….

I have gained over half of my weight back, I look at pictures from just November…and get aggravated at myself.  I was almost there!  Almost at the weight I wanted to be at.  Now, when I see a picture of myself I’m back to thinking again, “Oh…that’s a bad picture of me.”  When in reality…it IS me. 

My clothes don’t fit right…again.

I’m a little embarrassed to run…again.  I know that’s just in my head.  NOBODY notices OR cares what I look like, or if my stomach flab(that was almost gone) jiggles when I run.

It’s not just about weight…it’s about being complete/whole. Nothing missing, nothing broken.  Looking to no other source, but Jesus to “complete” me.

I also hear this in my head, “You ran a marathon, and you can’t control what you put in your mouth?  What’s wrong with you?”

So, why come so close and then sabotage all my hard work?

I don’t know.

What I do know:

I am loved no matter what I look like, or how I have disappointed myself.

I can start again.

I like the feeling of winning, better than losing.  But…part of me doesn’t want to.

Then again…part of me doesn’t want to run…but I do it anyway.

I ran a marathon!

I CAN beat this too 🙂


~Complete in Christ alone~ ❤


Random Running Thoughts….

keep running

-In the beginning I was embarrassed to run in public.

-3 years, many 5k’s/10k’s, a half and a full marathon later….I still have a hard time running the first 2 miles(not because of other people…just physically).  After the first 2 miles are out of the way it gets easier for me…kind of.

-I have to make myself run every time.  Knowing what a difference it makes in every area of my life, it really seems that lacing up my shoes & getting out the door would be a “non-decision.”

-I think it’s unfair that I’ve been running for 3 years & my husband has been running for only 1 year….yet he is much faster and can run farther than me.  He literally “runs circles” around me.  He will run ahead of me & then circle back to me many times during our weekly long run.  (I’m actually very proud of him.)

-quote from my daughter….”When most parents say they are going to run to the store…that means they are going to get in the car and go buy something at the store.  When MY parents say they are going to run to the store, it might mean that they are LITERALLY going to physically RUN to the store!”  🙂

-Support from friends, family & even strangers makes a huge difference.  I’m not sure that I would still be running without them.   I’ll blog about that one day.

-I have received COMMENTS on my last few blog entries!!!…and that makes me very happy!

Thank you for reading & commenting!

What are some of your random running thoughts today?  I would love to read them!